big cables

* big cable cardigan

although these are from fall 2006, they are still some of my absolute
favorites from alexander mcqueen.

{ via style.com }

for my day job i even recreated (with some help) the
big cable cardigan.

here's a peek . . . (it still needs buttons)

the yarn is a heathered wool and mohair blend.


Loraine said...

....impressive....besides beautiful !

simply olive said...

thanks loraine!
it was a lot of work to knit something this heavily textured.

Nora said...

Oh, my! This is truly stunning. I've been thinking about McQueen's cables for a while now...

simply olive said...

i've been loving mcqueen's cables since i first laid eyes on them!!!

and studied the cable sweater for a while before attempting it. deciphering the pattern for the not-so-cute version in vogue knitting inspired the creation of the copy of the original.

thank you for the compliment nora.