cool crochet

i found these crochet pieces from james coviello while browsing elle.com. i'm loving his color palette and use of layering.
i prefer the look of knitted items to crochet--they just seem to have a more elegant and not so crafty appearance. and knitting just makes more sense to me since all the stitches are on the needle and the actual rows are visible. (. . . and probably because i never really learned to crochet. . . i can do a basic chain, and that's about the extent of it. a crochet hook feels like a foreign object in my hand.)

* love the contrast of the peek-a-boo lace with the black tights and biker boots.

{ james coviello via elle.com }



Dani said...

I like the "brick orange" with the dark green tones.
Very different stuff.

jen said...

gorgeous stuff.

simply olive said...

yeah, i've been loving james' work for some time. he always has great pieces.