felt bag

2" button

interior pocket & button loop closure

last weekend i knitted and felted this purse/tote bag. it was done mainly with leftover yarn, except for the brown at the bottom, which was purchased for it.
the felting is achieved in hot water on the agitation cycle while in the washing machine. the item needs to be in a zippered pillowcase to protect the machine from all the fuzz that accumulates during the process. usually it takes a few cycles for the item to be completely felted. (i also throw in an old pair of jeans to aid in the agitation.)
. . . and all that's left to do is some hand sewing--and maybe a fabric lining.



zippiknits said...

Oh how I love your blog! I found it searching for a felted water bottle cover for someone in Knitter's Review.

Love the whole thing!

laissezfaire said...

Hey Olive, Thanks for checking in my blog so regularly. I love this bag! Green seems to be your favourite colour. It is one of my favourites too! esp the shade that you always use. =)

simply olive said...

thanks zippiknits!
(exactly where did you see simplyolive in knitter's review?)

laissezfaire--yes, i do love green!

Sara said...

Hey there...great idea about using the zippered pillowcase for felting! I never thought of that, and was worried I'd break the machine in my apartment!