i dont know why but i have been thinking about this place lately. it is one of my favorite places to have lunch. when you sit up here, looking down at that view everything else literally melts away. you can feel it sliding off of you and onto a heap on the floor, underneath your old wooden chair. all words completely leave you and you feel as though you have discovered the most perfect spot on earth. the restaurant is so cute inside, big bowls of amazing fruits and vegetables in old wooden bowls sit on the inside tables, while the mother, sister, brother, cousin, etc. eat and drink cafè at the other table inside waiting for any of us to need them.
i am going to take a friend there soon so i will get more pictures of the inside of the restaurant.
you can learn about vernazza here, and if you would like i will post more pics of the city...just let me know


jen said...

oh, i did not know you lived in italy. this place looks so beautiful!

Nora said...

Oh, yes please! I'd love to see more pictures... :)

michelle said...

OH wow! YEs, more pics would be fabulous, I am searching for the perfect honeymoon spot.