italy, day 5

montecatini alto

soap shop, le sorelle

my favorite street

day 5 started off with rain, which turned to sun, then rain, then sun again. . .
we drove to montecatini alto where we:

  • bought latte and vanilla scented handmade soap at le sorelle -- the cutest little shop
  • had cafe on a sidewalk terrace to get out of the rain
  • walked the adorable cobblestone streets and snapped pictures
  • ate gnocchi with a crab sauce and spaghetti with ___ (i can't remember what was on sheri's pasta) at caffe giusti, where it started to storm and all the diners were forced to go inside, even though we were safely covered from the rain.
after returning to lucca, we visited the wine shop: enoteca vanni
as you enter it looks like a small shop with wooden shelves stocked floor to ceiling with bottles of wine, but go downstairs to the cellar, and it's another story. here they have a HUGE selection ( = heaven ! ! ! )
we happily paid for our wine and made our way home for a dinner of chicken and tuscan roasted potatoes. . . (oh, and tofu for the vegetarian)

the cellar at enoteca vanni

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true nature said...

sigh....my first visit to your blog and you are writing about italy. my favorite place, one earth. :) gorgeous photos!

simplyolive said...

i fell in love with it too!
can't wait to return 1 day...


laissezfaire said...

beautiful. Italy is probably my favourite place on earth. i had my honeymoon there and lots of beautiful memories of that place. Would love to live there some day. -)