italy, day 6


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tasting room

on my 6th day we headed for the hills of chianti. sheri had an interview with michael from the MONTE BERNARDI vineyard for an article she was writing for more magazine. this was such a treat for the 2 of us, since we both enjoy wine so much!
as we entered the gates, we were overtaken by the aroma of lavendar growing all along the winding driveway up to the office/tasting room, home, and villa.
on our tour we saw:

  • the grapes growing in the rocky soil -- which has a "high rock content mixture" consisting of shale, marl, and limestone, and is an important factor in the growth of the grapes, which are farmed by organic and biodynamic methods
  • the out building that housed the steel vats used for fermentation, and the wooden barrels used in the maturation process
  • the beautiful view from the altitude (350 meters above sea level) at which the vineyard is situated
  • the tasting room, where we were given 2 bottles of wine, 1 of which was consumed at lunch at 1 of michael's favorite local eateries
we ended sheri's interview and took a drive through the hills to see some more of the gorgeous countryside. i have decided that i want to live in the hills of tuscany/chianti. . . or at least return to help in the harvest at MONTE BERNARDI.

the hills of chianti

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