italy, day 7

carlo's blacksmith shop

the 200+ year old flame

view from shop

water power

one of my favorite and most memorable days of my trip to italy was day 7. i had the opportunity to visit carlo's blacksmith shop. it is located down a long winding country road surrounded by lush vegetation and trees. he has worked there since he was a small boy, and the fire --seen here in my photos-- was started by his ancestors and has not gone out for 213 years -- but will the day carlo decides he can work no longer, as there is no one to carry on the tradition. (his only son cannot due to medical reasons.)
carlo's blacksmith shop is completely self sufficient. the electricity for the building and the power for the machines is generated by the stream running down from the neighboring mountains. he also uses recycled iron to make all of his tools (knives, shovels, table legs) and fallen tree branches from the surrounding woods for the handles. he is well known throughout the area, and was quite busy with customers the day we visited.
stay tuned for the video. . .

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karin said...

I understand very well, that this was special for you. I think, it's just magic: the house of stone, the black workshop, this old man with his newspaperhat and of course the firestory- everything about it.

simplyolive said...

it was such a treat to witness carlo work, and to see the blacksmith shop.