i found benevolink.com this weekend and had to tell everyone about it. it is such a great idea, you sign up with your credit cards and a portion of your purchases, up to 6%, using that card at certain retailers, is then donated to your chosen charities. isnt that cool? especially with christmas coming up! they have starbucks, best buy, red envelope, free people clothing, the gap, and tons more. they also have volunteer opportunities listed as well. take a look. . .

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Hawkeye said...

That is great! I love to hear about programs like that. I recently discovered www.prosper.com which is also super cool. It is a lending site that enables regular people to lend and borrow from regular people, (as opposed to big banks with all their stranglehold mafia style fees and rules). What else is cool is the lender and borrower can decide what interest rate he/she is willing to loan the money at, so you can help people with their financial needs and get a higher interest rate than a typical CD or savings account. I think it's brilliant! Check it out www.prosper.com