italy, days 12-14

piazza del duomo

day 14:
this was my last day in italy, and it was quite depressing (i didn't want to leave!). . .
we did manage to see 1 more site before my 1:30pm departure time from the pisa airport: the leaning tower, the duomo, and the baptistery (ok, that's 3). since it --the leaning tower-- is quite a popular attraction, we had to deal with a lot of tourists. (but we were in and out, and i was able to capture quite a few images.)

baptistery (kind of looks like this is leaning too. . . or maybe it was just the photographer!)

door of baptistery

another door shot of baptistery

baptistery and surrounding wall (i liked the bapistery more than the leaning tower)

leaning tower of pisa

(here you can really see it leaning ^ ^ ^)



day 13:
this started out as a lazy day--coffee & knitting at the apartment--while sheri went to the questura for her permesso. i waited for her to get back, and we were then going to do some last minute shopping in lucca for a few more things i wanted to take back to the states. . .but then the phone rang, and you can read what happened here, here, here, and here. . .

outdoor seating at pizza place
day 12:
the beginning of this day was spent recovering from the 2 days of walking around lake como in the hot sun. we had lunch at the pizza place (one of my favorites--you can't beat wood-fired pizza!). for dinner we drove to montecarlo (in italy, of course) and ate a fabulous seafood meal with friends at pierantonio all'antico ristorante forassiepi.

[once i got home, it was quite an adjustment! the jetlag, the depression of being back home--let's face it, there aren't too many redeeming qualities about the midwest!--and not to mention having to buy a new computer after mine completely died as i was downloading all of my photos. i definitely plan on returning to italy. (i dream of living in the hills of tuscany, growing grapes, or olives. . .and breathing that clean air!)]

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diane said...

i have enjoyed your posts/pictures of your trip to Italy