"in no time"

. . .a new collection by sandra backlund

photos: ola bergengren

to my surprise, these fabulous new images were in "olive's" inbox (!!!)
sandra's knitting ability just blows me away!
i can't even imagine the creative process behind these designs. . .
a comment from sandra, via diane.

"I love the images. They are so simple but yet very precise. The androgen, sometimes almost inhuman look of the model is so appealing to me and offers a nice contrast to the feminine silhouettes of the clothes. I have never worked this hard or spent so many hours on single pieces before. I think this shoot turned out to be perfect for this collection."
{ i had some technical-uploading-difficulties, so i borrowed from here }



Jessica said...

She is one of my favorite knitwear designers. I am excited to see her new products, very inspiring!!

treasuring said...

wow, these are amazing! i'm inspired to knit now! (although, i can barely make a hat....)

i posted these on my blog, too-- hope you don't mind!!

nina said...

Wow, this really is spectacular!

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

I have been dreaming about her new line. I love the tops that look like giant necklaces.