while browsing labour of heart*
i found these BIG hats
from mischa lampert
who spins her own yarn, then knits with needles specially carved for her by her father
buy them here
{ i would like 1 of each! }

& while on her site i found this great knit tote:

{ i'll take 1 of these as well }


kara said...

gah!!! I am still searching for a scarf with this kind of yarn, in a orange/rust. love...

michelle said...

Oh wow, sooo beautiful, perfect, darn shame that atlanta is so warm

Jo said...

hi looks great, love her stuff. unfortunately your links are leading to a dead end and the picture with the tote is not shown as well. i would love to find the "needles" because i always think her products look more like crochet, than knitting soo seeing the needles would help me alot