7 things

i was tagged by czina
and inspired by her self portrait
i've done this 2 times before,
but will do it again. . .
when does it end?!

  1. i'm obsessed with this, this & this
  2. i spend way too much time on the internet
  3. i can't knit fast enough to keep up with all the ideas bouncing around in my mind
  4. i can be an awful procrastinator
  5. i drink red wine 3-4 nights a week with dinner
  6. i have yarn and fabric in almost every room of my apartment
  7. i watch entirely too much TV (see #1), but what else can one do while one knits?

i'm not tagging anyone in the hopes of ending this vicious cycle!


Czina said...

thanks for your 7 things. i was never tagged, so i enjoyed to tagg some of my favorites... thanks for response... good luck with your kniting

Nikko said...

Is that you in the photo? It's blurry but I can still tell that you are a cutie! Hi Tracy!

Also, I love all those programs too~

simplyolive said...

hi nikko, thanks for the compliment!

...happy to be 1 of your favorites czina!