i was "bag tagged" by kate

empty your purse/bag & show what lives there:

+ handknit wool hat
+ keys for work
+ jill bliss address book
+ small pad of paper
+ hand cream
+ orange junk bag by designer's guild: eye drops, cuticle cream, etc.
+ mints
+ small notebook
+ lip balm
+ wallet
+ 2 lip gloss tubes
+ olive green yarn swatch
+ wooden pill box
+ eyeglasses
+ checkbook
+ pen
+ green tea pouch
+ gum
(and for some reason, my cell phone escaped the photo)

this bag is part of what i call my "unemployment project"
i had a lot of time on my hands, so i designed & sewed 3 bags. . .

i'm tagging: martha, sue, & traci


Meghan said...

What a lovely bag!

tiffany... said...

that's such a great bag!

Loraine said...

i love the bag tag idea + it's visually very attractive

simplyolive said...

thanks everyone!

Babelfish said...

This bag is awesome, will you be making any to sell? loving the contents of your bag esp. Jill Bliss' notebook.

simplyolive said...

...no, i won't be making any of these (at least no now), they take WAAAAYYY too long!! (so many little details to sew...)

Jessica said...

that bag is fantastic, ever thought about selling them. maybe the shiny squirrel? they are really lovely.