if you haven't gotten the latest issue of selvedge
i highly recommend doing so
it features the work of chinese designer Ma Ke
i love this cover photo of 1 of her designs

read more about her here
view her designs here
watch a clip of jia zhangke's documentary Wuyong (Useless) here

The director explores the New China and the old One, using as a tool three different faces (including a portrait of Ma Ke, one of the most innovative Chinese fashion designers) of the relationshiip between human beings and clothes.


Jessie Cacciola said...

I love finding out about new magazines -- I haven't heard of this one. It definitely seems out of the ordinary...and beautiful photography. Will have to check it out!
- Jessie -

Jessica said...

I have seen this magazine before but never purchased it. i might have too considering how beautiful the cover is.