a little bit of knitting
. . . but can i say "a little"?
i always have a lot of knitting---i get bored with 1 project & have to move on to another, or even start another (it's an addiction)

this is a hemp bag 3/4 done
(on my lamp, upside down--FYI)

for a new project i'm excited about. . .

lately i've been really caught up in looking at all the collections online
& could really make all my posts about the fashion that inspires me
but, would you all get bored?


kara said...

wow that photo looks unreal!
sooo with you getting scared at gareth.

you have a great eye so I say post whatever you love at the moment screw categories and expectations.

simplyolive said...

i love that lamp for shooting pics of my knitting...

thanks for the compliment...and advice.
(i secretly want to be a fashion editor, and attend the shows...
so in the meantime, i'll pretend and post my findings here)

Nikko said...

I'm excited too~

Also, I agree with Kara: you have great taste, so post away.