*look at those boots

*love the colors & the print of the top

*i'd like to see the whole bag
photos: marcio madeira

ports 1961
NY fall 2008

inspiration = mythology
the colors of this collection & this really appeal to me


Michele said...

thank you for posting these great fashion photos. they are inspiring. interesting to see you highlighted some of my favs from the Missioni collection.

i've put you on my You Make My Day award list on my blog (Feb 3/08).
it's something that can be passed on if you are interested.

Kate Neckel said...

that second image is beyond perfect...the dress/jacket and ummm...did you see the boots?!!

kait said...

Wow! I think this is my favorite so far! I think it's the accessories...or maybe the draping....Thanks for covering the shows for us:)