photos: marcio madeira

junya watanabe
paris fall 2008

despite the enormous head pieces
the draping is absolutely gorgeous

just say "NO"

i want these boots


Anonymous said...

ooo errrr.
lucky there wasn't a catwalk or the poor dears may have taken a tumble!
LOVE the garments, though.

Michele said...

i saw "those" boots too and was drooling. laces, laces, laces, yum.

i really like the 5th one down in the light grey. the sleeve area looks so elegant.

Hawkeye said...

Did they get the Alien from ALiens to model the first piece? I'd be afraid she'd eat all the other models.

simplyolive said...

she did eat them sue...at the after-party! ;)

-h of candid cool said...

its probably unusual that i want the headpieces and that includes the part that covers the face