photos: marcio madeira

NY fall 2008

inspiration = sculpture
"a journey across the geography of the body"
i just love this collection. . .


kirsten said...

"you make my day!" :)

Seamstress of Thought said...

i love vpl too. so many lovely elements.

just discovered your blog. very nice!


kait said...

I like that so much of this is really wearable, but then there are those unexpected elements. I adore those flashes of orange!

Joanna Goddard said...

hmmm, that last neck thing looks like a ratty ponytail. don't love it....

but the rest is nice!

Czina said...

great collection! i love the colors and materials... just... great

stockings. and the sweater!

Michele said...

i'm all about asymmetrical and ribbing so love the top sweater.

michelle said...

Wow, I love, that top sweater is so perfect...so do you have any suggestions for designers to study for great alternative wedding dresses?