photos: marcio madiera, don ashby, olivier claisse

milan fall 2008
. . .the house expertise in knits was kept to a minimum in the flash of a raschel flame-knit coat lining and a matching dress, or a moss-stitch pullover paired with tailored pants. At a moment when the possibilities of knitwear are inspiring young designers, and sweater dressing is such a huge trend, the conservative-chic direction somehow submerged the sense that Missoni is a leading light in that field.
the dress from the 1st photo really appeals to me
. . .& even the prints (i'm usually not much of a print person)

+ this
+ this
& this


Czina said...

i love the blue dress with yellow jacket. simple and comfortable.

Joanna Goddard said...

LOVE those sunglasses. so rad!

also sad that models are so skinny:(

perfect bound said...

I am so devoted to the sweater dress. All of them!

Jessica said...

I loved parts of this collection especially the solid color blocking when they weren't being Missoni.