you make my day award

from loraine, nora, michele & kirsten
thank you---it makes my day that you would think of me & my little blog. . .

i thought this sweater (i love the elbow detail)
would be a great award to give to the 10 blogs i now need to chose
which will be hard, as there are so many that inspire me. . .

in no particular order:

simply breakfast---i wish i ate this well every morning
grijs---loraine has excellent taste
hoping for happy accidents---kelly has excellent taste & i love the simplicity of her blog
kate neckel---because she speaks in riddles & of course, her excellent sketches
constructive laziness---i recently discovered czina & enjoy all of her blogs
~>O<~ ---lena's was the 1st blog i ever read & lead me to all others. . . & for her excellent taste
UNIFORM studio journal---martha has excellent taste. . . & i wish i spent that much time with my sewing machine
camilla engman---for her fabulous artwork & photos of morran
fortysixth at grace---for maggienikole's stories
montemarte's sketchbook---renee has excellent taste

if you didn't make my top 10 list, i'm sorry, it doesn't mean that i don't like you!


maggienikole said...

wow, i'm feeling lucky to be in such great company! thank you.

Lena said...

thank you!
your blog has been a favorite of mine for quite a while too...

Kate Neckel said...

...so glad you like the riddles (i never thought of my little blurbs like that but you're right!) and random doodles...what a treat to be in your top 10...!!

kirsten said...

LOVE that jacket. love it.

Czina said...

thanks for award. it made me happy. i laways wanted sweater like this.

Camilla Engman said...

Thank YOU! I'm very honored :)

Montmarte said...

thanks tracy, you make my day too!