photos: victor de mello

hannah marshall
a/w 2008

here & here

i'm back to featuring black
i couldn't help it, i think this collection is stunning

thanks to everyone who voted on my bag poll
the majority voted against the silver leather purse
i bought it 2 days after the poll was posted. . .
after consuming a bit of wine. . .

happy birthday to me, because you only turn 29. . . an unlimited number of times ! .


K said...

oooooh serious eyecandy here... the kohl-rimmed eyes and the shoulders and the feathers. So delightful

Le Bouton said...

very cool. i love the top photo.
and, happy birthday!

la femme said...

happy birthday! x

simplyolive said...

thanks for the birthday wishes!

Mila said...

Very very beautiful! I still love your blog, it really is one of my favourites. This is the reason i nominated you for the Blogger Award! Visit my blog to check it out.
Maybe you would like to link me too?
Thanks in advance.
:) Mila

bethany said...

hurray! for taking a poll and then going against the consensus and happy belated birthday!

Patrizia said...

Hannah Marshall is one of my favourite new UK designers - and the AW 08-09 collection Code Black is the best to date!

Scabby Robot said...

lovely blog, gorgeous pics.
congrats on turning 29. just turned 29 for the second time myself... it gets better each time:)

Anna said...

I've just read through your blog and find it so inspirational! It's lovely! Best, Anna

-h of candid cool said...

i admire this sort of style