i started another hemp market bag this weekend
this is for the project i'm excited about. . .
soon, you will get the details

until then, visit green pop, an eco-themed market
via camilla

this is the beginning of an over-sized shrug
i've been wanting 1 like this for awhile & it may be out of style soon
(or already is) but i don't care. . .

it's made from a hand dyed yarn called "cocoa kiss" from dream in color
i think it looks like a mud puddle (perfect colors for me !)

it's knit in a simple eyelet pattern
& will get ribbed sleeves & trim

i really have a problem. . .
i have so many things that i want to knit for myself
how am i ever going to open an etsy shop ??
i do have a few things to list, but, i need to take photos, & i can't take photos if i'm always knitting. . .

does anyone else have this problem ?
or this problem?


Michelle said...

Oh, can't wait to see this one. What a fun problem to have! I totally understand that one.

Nora said...

Oh, I completely understand your little 'problem' :)


Czina said...

this looks really good. i am looking forward to see the final product.