zena holloway

via crust station
i love these images:
the lightness of the fabric
& the layers & layers of fabric
it's all very feather-like
& to think that she is completely self-taught in underwater photography
how inspiring !

+ this set


stacy said...

You find the most amazing photos. I love it.

green phoenix said...

What fantastic photos, I love angel wings, these are beautiful.May have to earmark these myself for future inspiration.I love your blog, you have a wonderful eye.

Best wishes,


simplyolive said...

thanks girls!

Pravina Studio said...

These photos are incredible. As always.

eendar said...

beautiful photography!!!!! Thanks for the link!!

Tyler said...

wow, totally surreal. these images are beautiful. a gorgeous jelly-fish! i'm so amazed that this artist is self-taught. thanks for the find.

Jen said...

The lighting is amazing. Who knows how they were taken...underwater? Love them.

la femme said...

These images creep me out a little, though I love the second one.

Impressive that she is self taught - especially for underwater!

Danielle said...

whoa. these images are amazing, breath-taking, really. thank you.