bamboo t-shirt here

since tomorrow is earth day
i thought i'd share my green list:

1 (purchase &) ride a bike whenever possible

2 turn off a light & use 1 of these solar sun jars

3 charge my phone with a solio charger

4 bring my own cup

5 stop buying staples & purchase a staple free stapler
5 not that i use a stapler very much, but this is too cool !

6 continue to carry these
6 which will be available soon. . .

7 volunteer here
7 i've always wanted to work with chimps
7 & this has really inspired me

8 watch less TV
8 even though it keeps me entertained while knitting

9 do more yoga

10 purchase another corn resin water bottle with filter

. . . & anything else that i don't already do from this list

+ i wish i was going to be around to attend the green festival


-h of candid cool said...

i dont staple much either, but wow! that thing looks cool

simplyolive said...

"I think it's interesting that a lot of your "green" things involve purchasing extra new things."

Posted by Anonymous to simplyolive at April 22, 2008 4:49 PM

...i had deleted this comment, but decided it required a response:

bicycle purchase: what's wrong with buying a bicycle??
(everyone can use more exercise... and isn't this a no-brainer??)

stapler purchase: if i were to purchase more staples, it makes sense to simply buy a "staple-free stapler" and not have to buy staples again. (with my old stapler becoming a Goodwill donation.)

water bottle purchase: in the past, i bought cases of bottled water, but not since i have owned a "corn resin water bottle with filter" have i needed to do so. (Anonymous, if you had 1 of these, you'd know that even though the filter lasts for approximately 90 uses, it biodegrades in just 80 days in commercial compost systems.)

so, in my defense, that's 3 very logical and eco-minded purchases.
the rest being inspiration to you, my reader, on this Earth Day.

next time it would be nice if you could leave your name...


c.lorraine said...

I really liked this post. I had no idea about those little solar light jars and that porcelain coffee cup...
and I totally agree with you- sometimes in order to make LESS waste in the future you have to buy new things! (ie: buy one canvas bag and save a million plastic ones from ending up trash!) Makes sense to me!
And I also like the rest of your blog too!

Ashes and Milk said...

Inspirational post.

In regards to buying new things to be more green, overall these green products will have a long lifespan (better investment economically as well as for the environment).

Good luck on your move!

zippiknits said...

The solar light jar is magnificent. I think I'm in love with it. Like a moth to a flame or something.. you know? you did a lovely green list. Thank you, too, for the photo of the tree from below the branches. It is beautiful....