i'm back
the move went well
it snowed during the last hour of the drive (!!!)
despite the cold, it's gorgeous here
so many trees
& critters
sofie was watching 3 wild turkeys through the window
& the neighbor had a bear near his home
feasting on corn
which was meant for the deer

i'm almost settled
i still need to organize my "studio"
yarn, fabric, sewing machine(s), etc.
. . . it's only a matter of time before my shop will be ready
i'm looking forward to it

in the meantime
i hope to get back to posting
& sharing some photos of my new surroundings

happy spring everyone !


Secrets & Tea said...

Looking forward to the pictures! I can't imagine seeing a live bear or even wild turkey.

Krissy said...

wow! just came across your blog and LOVE it!

Ashes and Milk said...

Welcome back!

simplyolive said...

thanks krissy!

thanks nikko!