photo: jan windszus


photos: imaxtree

THAKOON fall 2008
via elle

as i sew away on my (summer) designs (bags mostly)
i find myself drawn to fall (it is my favorite season. . . for dressing, that is)

i find :
the neck piece to be inspiring
the gray herringbone top to be simply gorgeous, especially with the gloves
------really, i'm attracted to the whole look in general. . .


kara said...

I've realized lately what a big role hair plays in looks. It adds so much charm, like here. The top and glove are so nice together though must agree.

Jessica said...

I simply adore the top piece. It is stunning and looks effortlessly warm.

automatism said...

Love the neck piece, too! I'm a total scarf nut myself ... this summer I'm experimenting with floaty long scarves, waiting until the cooler weather when I can wear woolly stuff like this ...


simplyolive said...

...i'm addicted to scarves & cowls-- now more than ever since my hair's been short...my neck is always cold!

kara: i love the hair (& make up) with this ensemble--it really completes the look...

desmitten said...

beautiful outfit, love the shape of the top and the pop of color at the foot! great fall outfit!

Alison said...

The Anushka collection is just fantastic! Thankyou for sharing.

ray said...

I want to have scarf like this, it's great.

FruensWerk said...

TOP "scarf" thing IS SO GREAT :D