photos: my own

i haven't come across much of anything
that i feel the need to post about here

i thought this would inspire me, but. . . not so much
i felt that i had seen many of these looks before
some collections were really over-designed
& others, over-accessorized. . .

i did come across this lovely blog

& this one


NeedfulFriends&Koboldkinder said...

your fotos are fantastic and the two links you shared with us are stunning...I just copied the one ;)

hugs anja

simplyolive said...

thanks anja!

iview said...

WOW - thank you for adding me and for the comment!

Your Blog is very inspirational - especially the photo-combinations. And I really like the knitwear. Amazing!

...I added your Blog too!

Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful sky photos -- hope you are feeling more inspired today :) xoxo joanna

porter hovey said...

The blogs that you came upon are amazing! I've had a great time going through both of them!

simplyolive said...

joanna--sometimes it's inspiration overload, & i just don't know what to post...