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i am totally enamored with image #2

+ my little 'ol blog and shop are mentioned here today
+ thankyouthankyou ami pak !

also, project runway fans
are you reading chris's blog ?
if not, i do recommend it, it is highly entertaining !
. . .my friend terri is on the show this season, which makes it all the more exciting.
(of course, she's been sworn to secrecy, so my friends and i can't get a word out of her regarding the final 3. . .)


kait said...

that lucky mag mention is great, congrats!

Also, I can't believe you know terri!!! I think she's been under-appreciated by the judges so far and should've won both the grocery store and drag challenges. I really look forward to seeing what she does the rest of the season.

(Also, thanks for the heads up on Chris's blog)

Yep, I'm definitely sucked in again this season...

simplyolive said...

thanks kait!

...yeah, i'm addicted to that show!

& terri definitely should've won the drag challenge! her queen rocked it!!

Overanalyzer: said...

beautiful pictures. love your blog.

Pethra på Design och Inredningsbloggen said...

Beautiful and mysterious, love it.

sheri said...

congratulations on your lucky magazine mention! that is awesome! you deserve it.

simplyolive said...

thanks pethra!

thanks sheri!