photos: marcio madeira

costello tagliapietra spring 2009

i especially loved the styling of this show
it added a hard edge to an otherwise very beautifully cut & draped collection

. . .and don't jeffrey & robert remind you of 2 big teddy bears
(who just happen to like flannel & leather) ?

i love that they both learned the art tailoring from their grandmothers
"who, coincidentally, had both worked for Norman Norell in the 1960s."


kait said...

They're adorable!
I'm so glad that you 'curate' fashion week for us! I could never keep up with it all. Thanks!

simplyolive said...

you're welcome kait!
...keep in mind, i leave out a lot of the designers...i only show my favorites.

(and so far, i'm really struggling to find new favs...)