no. 1 i'm not sure where i found this or who photographed it, so if you know, let me know
& i will give credit --bill jacobson--thankyou linje lookout

no. 2 alexander wang jersey goddess dress, image via la garconne, see also here

no. 3 vogue italia january '08


Jessica said...

wow that wang dress is unbelievable and I am not a huge fan of his work.

simplyolive said...

yeah, i LOVE that dress!!

r said...

love the goddess dress too..

Anonymous said...

white is good!!

linje lookout said...

I believe the photographer is Bill Jacobson. His info and more beautiful photos are on art net...http://www.artnet.com/artist/8873/bill-jacobson.html

Kay said...

I love the first picture, it's so eerie.

raquel raney said...

i love this poofy.