i've been wanting to change my header for quite some time
. . . & have also been inspired recently by kara & loraine
i'm not sure what i exactly want
or how to do it

so, i was thinking
that if anyone is interested
perhaps we could trade :
new blog & shop headers for some knitting. . . or sewing

leave me a comment if you are interested

. . . or let me know if you like this one, i may just keep it


Jessica said...

Bartering sounds liek a good option. I love it. I think I might have to do that more often

afancyhello said...

I'd love to trade.

Feel free to look around!

Furze Chan said...

i am a reader of your blog:P
i have interest. so....you want a banner?

Myriam said...

I read you from Belgium... No problem with this blog...you must do as you fell...( sorry my mother language is french!)