market bag

i've added new colors of
the hemp market bag to my shop :
the natural & espresso are still there

+ kate's great style
+ (i'm trying to grow my hair out, but every time i see her, it makes me want to keep it short. . .)

+ just received this
+ (i love it ! all the images & the format)


Jessica said...

I think yuor bags are beautiful. I definitely need to get one for when I go to the farmers' market.

Also let me know if you ever want to advertise on my blog. Thanks!

sarah said...

So cool. I love your bags!

Cabrizette said...

Iris is really really beautiful ! Love yours bags too !

simplyolive said...

THANKS girls!!

K said...

He he me too on the hair growing out thing...but everytime I see her I want to do the same... besides I had my hair almost exactly the same about 7 years ago...its just so much work to keep it that color.

simplyolive said...

K, i had mine cut similar, but not her color!

mady dooijes said...

and i forgot to mention how wonderful your bags are. i love them. x mady