i'm obsessed with clutches
these are a few i've been 'visiting', as i'm on a budget
. . . & already purchased my 'bargain clutch'

1. costume national
2. mayle
3. jas m.b. .............. @ LA GARCONNE

4. alexander wang. @ OAK

5. coach (yes, COACH !)


mady dooijes said...

gorgeous- love the bargain clutch. i've added you on my lovelies. xmady

r said...

love these. (also have clutch mania..) have been looking for a vintage foldover clutch on ebay.

simplyolive said...

thanks mady.

r, besides stalking these, i've been wanting to design/sew some for my shop...

sarah said...

These are amazing... Especially liking the varying materials the jas m.b.... and the wang... I was drooling over his bags the other day at OAK.. why oh why do they have to be so spendy!?

The Lil Bee said...

The top two make my heart flutter. V happy to have found your blog...your aesthetic is spot on. Love it.