lauren kovin
s/s 2009

watch the clothes in motion in this short film

i'm especially drawn to draped knits/jersey lately. . .
& i love that fact that these pieces are versatile
& meant to be worn several different ways

+ this bathing suit


Chelsea said...

I love the transparency and movement of these pieces. Stunning work

simplyolive said...

yes, i think they are lovely!

sarah said...

Wow. These are amazing! The first dress reminds of a jellyfish's tentacles. Gorgeous.

Rosetung said...

you are consistently posting AMAZING finds. it's funny, kinda paradoxical(?), to come here *expecting* to be *surprised*. brava! and yea! swimwear girl is now in my faves. love that one.

arlene said...

OK..now THAT'S knitwear! would LOVE the orange dress this summer!!