1 cable

i've decided to do a little give-a-way
as a thank you to all of my readers

this is my 1 cable cowl
hand knit in a bulky yarn consisting of : 50% alpaca, 50% wool

this blog is purely a hobby of mine
& has gotten me through some tough times (ie: unemployment)
it has become a home to my collection of favorites :
designers, knitwear, shoes, accessories. . .
& i enjoy sharing it all with you
& reading all of your comments
i have also made some great 'blog friends'

please leave a comment including your email address *
& i will announce a winner (chosen randomly) on march 14

thanks everyone !

* otherwise i have no way of contacting you


Jess said...

This is so beautiful! Love this giveaway :)

Sandy J said...

time is cold here.
would need a beautiful cowl like this :)

( camerawoman123@hotmail.com )

Pravina Studio said...

So sweet of you! A very useful giveaway too, considering it's going to be cold in the Midwest for at least another two months!

Celestyna said...

i would love it! thx for the giveaway! :)


Kate said...

Stunning! And such a sweet gesture--thank you!


j3n said...

a lovely giant cable. pleasantly surprised that it's a giveaway, so generous!

jana said...

oh, this is a beautiful giveaway, so nice of you. the cowl is lovely!

simple things said...

what a generous gesture! thank you! a beautiful piece, too.

it is a pleasure to read your blog. your posts are always inspiring.


Sweet Greens said...

It looks so fabulous and cozy. Exactly what I need for a cold day like today.
Jennie @ mysweetgreens at comcast dot net.

La Nu said...

I've been following your blog for 2 years or so... And it's been exciting to wait for the next post, a lesson on good taste each one of them.
I thank YOU.
BTW, my email is nu.iglesias@gmail.com

Kayla Bon said...

Lovely cowl! I would love to win :)

Amanda said...


Leanne said...


lbpalmer42 at gmail dot com

K said...

gorgeous! how could I resist...

Anonymous said...

That is truly beautiful! I love you blog, I come here for inspiration on shapes, colours, textures... Thank you!
nataszan at tlen dot pl

kait said...

I will have one of your pieces one day, one way or another!


simplyolive said...

thanks girls for all your sweet comments. i'm enjoying ALL of them!!

yu-i said...

such a beautiful cowl!!
really enjoy your blog although i rarely leave any comments here!



Mercedes said...

This blog has gotten you through hard time, and reading this blog has gotten me through hard times.
I appreciate your asthetic as well as your attention to detail.

Thank You!



Happytortoise said...

Your blog is always beautiful! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each week.

Spencer said...

looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

mmm... yes please!


Jesse said...

I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I've come to depend on it for moments of inspiration and escape. And I love your knitting.