since it's STILL winter for some of us !!!
i just added this to my shop [on sale]

i have some spare time lately
& am hoping to get some new items into my shop,
which i have unfortunately neglected for too long. . .
i find that i have so many ideas in my head that i cannot focus, & then i get NOTHING done !

ps: happy earth day


Pravina Studio said...

I have that overload of ideas problem all the time! My latest weapon is a notebook to write all of my ideas out in, so I can at least organize them a bit. So far, so good...

simplyolive said...

i sometimes do that too...not sure if it helps!

i also have the problem of starting too many projects (knitting, jewelry, sewing)...and not being able to finish!!! :)
...for my shop...and for ME!!