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* after the 4th try, i managed to create a post with this new format
( i still don't like it ! )

+ my friend jen started a blog called :

where she will chronicle her struggles with endometriosis. . .
(among other rants.)

please take a peek - hopefully some of you will learn the FACTS about a disease that affects 176 million girls & women worldwide.  i say 'facts', because it is one of the most widely misunderstood (women are born with it - & to put it quite simply: cells that are meant to be in the uterus, never make it, & end up in places where they shouldn't), misdiagnosed, & mistreated diseases afflicting women.  there is NO 'walk for the cure', because as of now, there really is no cure (even though it has been around for YEARS!), except excision surgery; and only a handful of doctors are skilled enough to do so.  if you are a female, or have females in your life, chances are you know someone who is suffering in pain. . .

leave jen a comment, or myself, or visit the ERC if you would like additional information.



Jen Pem said...

Thanks for your pimping. What percentage do I owe you? :)

simplyolive said...

you're welcome!

ha ha (nothing) ;)