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if so, i'm having a little give-away

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* thanks & good luck [ winner announced 11/24 ]



lilyhrrs said...

love the scarf! I followed your pinterest and liked your shop! I really look forward to hearing who wins! I'd love to be that lucky winner<3

so said...

yes, i just noticed.

*thank you lily!!
(you have pretty good odds of winning right now - not as much participation as i would like. oh well...) ;)

Jeane M. said...

Logging to pinterest. Love that scarf :). Got my eye on your next posts.

wobblinbetty said...

oh this sounds so good!! I was following you already...just repinned your pic!!
Luv xxx

Julie, Lee, Noah and Neve Machen said...

Ohhhh, such things of beauty! I am going to like you on Etsy with haste!!!

Susan Rosalin said...

Some people take the fashion to an untouchable stage with their extra ordinary merit of design and color combo of outfits.You are such a kind.

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chris said...

With winter approaching those scarves look really appealing :)