hot off the knitting needles and just out of the "felting machine", these wool and mohair coasters will work to protect your favorite wooden table. coming soon. . . olive.


Dani said...

Hi Olive,
I love the coasters and the picture of the flower, "gerbera" in Portuguese. Thanks for the visit and the comment you left at my blog.
Are you building a web site? It took me a while to have mine built, and that is why I started the blog...because it was taking too long. Now it is ready, take a look (although it is in portuguese www.feirachic.com.br).
Are you going to sell your things on the website?
Let me know when it's ready.
Have a nice weekend,

Jennifer said...

those are awesome placemats!

Heather Moore said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I'm looking forward to seeing your shop up and running.

simply olive said...

thanks heather! i will let you know when the site is ready.

simply olive said...

thanks jennifer...you must eat very small meals!!