how i feel today

i woke up this morning and continued reading this book i am loving right now,Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. it was so inspiring. i got up and said today is a day i do only what i want because i want to. i will not feel guilt or obligation. so far it has been a fantastic day. i found several new blogs i love and am completely inspired about all kinds of new projects! i feel amazingly free, and although i am aware of all the things i really should be doing i just don't care today. so, out of my mind goes all of the ironing, the dirty floors, the bed whose coverings are half on the floor and half wadded into a ball on the bed. it doesn't matter today. i want to free my mind to start the week with clarity for my work and my products. i think this afternoon i will eat too much ice cream, sew some pants i have been desperate to make, take a walk outside with a friend, or ride my bike to the botanical gardens to knit while i watch the turtles and the koi swim, and definitely tell the fathers in my life how fantastic they are!


Ozlem Isil Bankal-deWit said...

I really liked the market bag and the socks, hope you enjoyed your day today !

Dani said...

I love the photo you chose to express how you were feeling today!
Hope you did get to have a "free" day. Let us know tomorrow.