monday, monday

yesterday was a success. okay so i didnt ride my bike but i did manage to eat ice cream, read, knit, go to my friends house for a great afternoon, make fresh carrot and apple juice with her new juicer and drink some really great wine. all in all not a bad day! my friend had guests over and their daughter was asking for assistance with her yo-yo. how hard can that be right? well, it has been a long time (i was really bad at yo-yos as a kid but i have been in denial for years) but i bravely jump up and say "oh, of course i can do that." she smiled, so trustingly at me, and then proceeded to watch me with growing concern as I had to continually retrieve the yo-yo from the floor and self wind it only to have it happen again, and again and again. humbling to say the least (especially since it was a large plastic one made for yo-yo beginners). she did at last get assistance from my friend and her husband who so elegantly, and effortlessly commanded complete cooperation from this toy. i stood in the corner, very similar to what i did as a child, and thought, "yeah but can you knit fair isle socks?" so there you go, the child in me rears its head, of course at the wrong time.
so, i thought i would post my cute baby hat and gloves to remind myself that i am not completely uncoordinated. i truly hope i learned a lesson this time and refrain from yo-yoing ever again!


Dani said...

Hi Olive,
Glad you had a nice day. I actually find it hard to believe that you may eventually have a "bad" day since you live in such a gorgeous place...
I have a question. Isn't it hard to knitt wool gloves and hats when its summer in Lucca?

simply olive said...

i really dont have bad days, some stressful ones, juggling everything but never bad really. these little wool pieces are so fun to do and the wool is so delicate since it is for little ones it really isnt an issue at all.

Anonymous said...

these look adorable...but can we see them on a baby??