scandinavian design

one of my new discoveries, STEiNUNN, courtesy of life is carbon, is created by icelandic designer steinunn sigurd. after a 13 year stay in new york, where she studied at parsons school of design, and worked for several major US designers, she moved back to her native land. iceland's dramatic weather and gorgeous landscapes are the main inspiration for her collections. a knitter since the age of 9, she is now the ceo of STEiNUNN.
view her current collection here.


Astrid said...

hei. thanks for stopping by my blog. i really enjoy life is carbon too.

Linda / W29Showroom said...

Hi there! Awesome blog(: I can see that you like Steinunn, and so do we! Check out our blog-posting about Steinunn and a interview with the designer and some photos from the last collection!


Have a great day!