what would life be without fantastic shoes?

i know women love shoes but i LOVE shoes. i go crazy for their elegance, their ability to change an entire outfit, an entire attitude. isnt it fantastic the way amazing shoes can make you walk with a little more confidence, and make your body look better than ever before...shoes can literally change who we are for a day, we walk around feeling slim and sexy in amazing heels and so confident in the right pair of heeled boots.
so of course when i saw these shoes, by artist marina dempster, i went crazy thinking of how amazing it would be to wear these, even if only for an hour. i would wear them to some amazing party, with incredibly creative people and all night long i would walk through the people looking at my shoes and feeling like a woman who could change the world. thank you marina dempster, these are fantastic! if you have a minute check out her paintings,sculptures, and toys.


Frasypoo said...

They are so cute....Imagine them with a plain black dres and could be able to pull it off most anywhere !

Meg said...

Those are works of art. I couldn't imagine wearing them, but they'd look beaut. in a glass case in perfect condition. I love how much detail there is.

Iheartfashion said...

Amazing! I would definitely wear that middle pair with jeans.

Dani said...

Wonderful !
I simply love shoes. I actually did a recent post on brazilian shoes. Check it out when you get a chance.
Great post.

ambika said...

These are like something Louis XIV would have worn. Amazing.