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was recently tagged by laissez faire to reveal 8 facts, and to tag 8 others. . .

when simplyolive first started it had to appear as one person, now we want everyone to know that "olive" is really 2 people: tracy and sheri, and here are our facts. . .

  1. i used to do the window displays at marshall fields on state street in chicago { look here }
  2. i used to take a yoga class from chris rock's (yes, the comedian's) mother-in-law
  3. all of my houseplants have a story. for instance: 1 is from my great-grandma's funeral and is over 20 years old and has oblong speckled leaves; 1 is a former summer-only outdoor plant that survived a horrible hail storm and is some kind of palm; 1 is a jade plant from my dad's classroom that i repotted and has tripled in size; and 1 is a ponytail palm from a flower show at marshall fields, which i've had for almost 10 years and is 1 of my favorites. i could go on, but will stop here. . .
  4. i've been in italy for the past 12 days visiting sheri, and this is one of the things i've done:
i tag: loraine, kait, martha, & maggienikole.

  1. i used to be a commercial interior decorator and space planner
  2. i am a vegetarian
  3. my other job is a writer ( it was my book tracy posted about a few weeks ago) you can visit me at my writing blog
  4. i have a terrible habit of walking into things, falling over things and crashing things that have a motor, for instance, i once dove into the bottom of a swimming pool, cutting my forehead wide open and causing a lot of trauma to my front teeth. i also once wrecked a moped while on a diving vacation, running it into a wall. of course i was still in the parking lot where we rented it and wearing a mini skirt and flip flops. . .
i tag: alex, jorth, jim, & dawn

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laissezfaire said...

so interesting!! I am so glad I got to know more about you through this tag!