italy, day 1

i'm back in the states, feeling strange from the jet lag. . .
. . .and t r y i n g to adjust.

san michele

view from my seat at the cafe.
everyone rides a bike and they are all equipped with baskets, bells, and sometimes children's seats, and saddle bags, which are over the rear wheels and can carry a lot. you definitely do not need a car in lucca.

smelly cheese shop
(you can actually smell the aroma halfway down the street)

1st night's dinner. . .
with bread and olive oil for dipping and wine, of course.
{grape-encrusted cheese, goat cheese, and olives seasoned with clove and cinnamon}
. . .you can never have too much cheese!

some photos from my first sleep-deprived day in lucca, italy.
i was amazed by everything i saw. . . the streets were unlike any in the united states - like a movie set.
* t


Hawkeye said...

Is that you in the smelly cheese shop with your new Vikie Beckham do? Did I ever tell you that I worked at a winery for 3 years when I lived in Nashvegas. Picked grapes, made french method champagne, sold it, tasted it (a lot!) and gave tours, everything. What a great job.

simplyolive said...

no, that would be sheri.
i want to work at a vineyard in tuscany...

wine in "nashvegas"??? ha

Hawkeye said...

Yep. Good old Ed and Louisa were my bosses. Jazz on the lawn was crazy! I swear we worked our asses off and got pretty D-runk doing it too, so we loved those things. I think we'd get over a thousand people maybe more show up to hear "jazz" on the lawn.