italy, day 2

the hills of tuscany


. . . the vineyard

. . . the grapes

pieve di s. gennaro

leonardo da vinci's lost "angel"
(which was found in the attic of the church above, and had been used as an ashtray)

my 2nd day in italy consisted of:

  • acupuncture
  • touring the winding roads of tuscany (thank you paola)
  • meeting an italian man so pround of his dog's ability to go down a slide, he had to take me down to the local park and show me (in italy, dogs are an important part of the family and are taken everywhere with their owners)
  • a fantastic dinner at uffa baruffa, where we (sheri and i) ate: bruschetta, ravoli with a cheese sauce and pears, a fabulous chocolate cake with a hint of peperoncino, and drank (almost) 2 bottles of VENUTA DI VALGIANO PALISTORTI 2005 vintage --look here-- (we just happened to drive by that vineyard earlier in the day.) we also met a couple from toronto, canada, who are the local newscasters there. . .
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kait said...

oh, that sounds (and looks) so lovely! Thanks for sharing your trip!

simplyolive said...

your welcome.
there are many more photos to post...like 700, but i can't show them all!!
i had such an excellent time!
i highly recommend a trip to italy.