italy, day 8

view from lunch - with clouds


view from lunch - with sun


. . .i couldn't resist


on the way to the train

the 8th day included:

  • a train ride to vernazza, part of cinque terre, which is on the northwest coast of italy and sits on a cliff overlooking the sea --see sheri's photos here
  • lunch at a cliff-side ristorante (which started out cloudy, then sunny as the bright sun appeared)
  • buying beautiful olive wood cheese boards and bowls
  • walking up and down the cliff-side walkways and streets (quite a work out)
  • a boat ride along the coast to riomaggiore
. . . and ended with a train ride back to lucca where we ate another pasta dinner (i was feeling my pants grow tighter every day. . .)

* t


Dani said...

wow, what an amazing place to be.
the shots are wonderful. Great post.

simplyolive said...

thanks dani.
i really fell in love with italy...

Jessica said...

unbelievably beautiful..really i am blown away by these photos.

simplyolive said...

thanks jessica.
it's hard to decide which ones to post...i only took about 700!! :)

treasuring said...

oh, how i loved cinque terre! i am so unbelievably jelous that you are there (and thrilled for you, of course!) one day i will get back there to visit again....

Lena said...

ok, italy is now on the top of my list of places i want to go to next!

karin said...

The colours of these houses and the Sea is a hammer.