photos: marcio madeira

RICK OWENS spring 2008

PARIS, September 30, 2007 "I indulged myself so much in furry cavemen -{i loved the bulky knit hats}- last season, I thought it'd be fun to go crisp," said Rick Owens backstage. Dropping Fall's much-praised shaggy shearlings and flowy skirts, he worked instead in sharp, clean skins—eel, snake, or ostrich—and sculptural gazar. Usually Owens likes to cocoon the body in trailing bits of jersey or washed leather, but here he focused on manipulating, almost distorting, the female silhouette—"the grand gesture," he called it.
--via style.com

i always like the way he drapes and cuts his garments
and, of course, his color palette
these boots are pretty amazing too. . .
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Hawkeye said...

For the love of God! Is there a "click to feed the models" button anywhere on your page? I think I saw one waver when I scrolled down! Ha ha!

Hi Tracy!

simplyolive said...

aren't you the comedian!?

hi sue!

Michele said...

wow, it's fantastic. i love, love, love the 3rd one from the top.

Cakespy said...

I love the top one, I like the space age look...but like...expertly cut space age.