ULLA JOHNSON spring 2008

i especially like the silhouette of image #1
& the knit top of #2
& here's another gray cardigan in #3

see the whole collection here
it was discovered while here


Michele said...

wonderful inspiration. thank you. love the white top.

simplyolive said...

you're welcome michele.

Cakespy said...

Those SHOES in the top one!! I love them!

maggienikole said...

cute isn't it.
oh and what did the breakfast look like a little do you think?
i'm curious.

Jessie Cacciola said...

I must say, I love the simplicity of your blog - it's very clean and fresh, stylish, soothing and lovely.
- Jessie -
ps. the last look here is great

simplyolive said...

...thank you jessie.

michelle said...

Wow, these posts are so beautiful! I think you have wonderful taste.

simplyolive said...

thanks michelle!
it's always great to get feedback!

la femme said...

very beautiful.