photos: kevin sturman

helmut lang resort '09

i absolutely love this collection
it was hard choosing favorites

+ this
& this


Alison said...

HL is one of my favourite designers - each piece so completely wearable, yet cut with uch style.

sheri said...

i love this collection too! love the models bold shaved head as well

simplyolive said...

...i thought it was just pulled back, but maybe it is shaved-??

ruth-anne said...

love this too, will have to take a look on style..

n a t s u m i said...

These look great! love this collection. very minimal..
(thank you for your kind comment on my blog! yesterday)

Jessie Cacciola said...

love that painted dress. :)

leslie said...

love this collection! i did a post about it on my blog too :)

-h of candid cool said...

yes a great collection. fresh & beautiful